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Book Manuscript
  • "Banking on States: the Divergent Trajectories of European Finance after the Crisis", manuscript accepted for review by a major univeristy press editor. Based on my dissertation, which has been awarded Honorable Mention for the Ernst B. Haas best dissertation award of the EPS section of the American Political Science Association (APSA) .
Papers under review and Working Papers
  • Massoc. E. "Having Banks play Along: State-guaranteed credit programs in the COVID 19 crisis"
  • Massoc, E. "Large European Banks: from Problem to Solution? A Discourse analysis of ECB's definition of the Too-Big-To-Fail problem".
  • Massoc, E. "The political role of banking: how do bankers picture themselves and why it matters. A content analysis of European bankers' public discourses".
  • Massoc.E. "The New Investment State: Industrial Policy or Financial Anesthesia?".
  • Massoc, E., R. Myerscough and A. Sala. "Regulating Consumer Credit in Europe, Japan and the United States: Business Power and Political Salience".